Friday, January 26, 2007

Felted Cable Purse

Dear Blog-

For a while now I have had this notion that I want to design a felted purse with cables. There is something about the idea of all that texture that I find really appealing. And I can see the bag in my mind's eye. In fact, I woke up one morning last fall with the whole bag already there in my brain, just needed writing out and knitting. But of course the holidays hit and all the best of intentions are downhill during that time.

I also bought these gorgeous braided leather bag handles from Homestead Heirlooms, and don't they just scream out to be on a cabled felted bag? I think they do.

So this week, in the time since I finished the PW CYO, I have been catching up on things. Today I will finish the Argosy scarf (having found something that will work for that lone last tier in my yarn cabinet), and I have been working on Emilie's Hooded Scarf from Green Mountain Spinnery in the evenings.

In the meantime, in between trying to give the house a good deep clean before my sister comes to visit next week (in the hopes that she will think that the house always looks like this), I am working on my swatches and charts for the bag.

I like this motif a lot, but it needs a bit more zip:

And zip-wise I know what I want to do. But I'll be danged if I can get my charting program to play nicely with me. I'm going to have to raid the grocery store this morning or else DH and I will have nothing to eat but some dry wheat sandwich bread and some margarine, but between cleaning bouts this afternoon, I will fight the good fight with the charting program and knit up my final couple of swatches so that I can felt them and then get moving on the design.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, after my yarn cabinet vomited the other day I decided to put some of my yarn that I know I won't use on ebay. So if you like the yarn that I used on DH's Sakiori vest a couple of months back, please go here and here to look at my auctions.

I was completely convinced that my friend Susan was scheduled to come over and get waxed this morning, so I ran around the house early getting the place half-way picked up and taking my shower, etc. before she would get here. Sat down for a few minutes to catch my breath and realized that she was about 20 minutes late, which isn't like her. Hmmm... I started to dial her number and that was when it dawned on me that she is written down for tomorrow for her waxing, not today. Ok, then, time to go restock the larder.

If you would all click your needles together three times and chant, 'I hope Lynda gets the charting program to do what she wants, I hope Lynda gets the charting program to do what she wants, I hope Lynda gets the charting program to do what she wants', I would be most grateful.



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