Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking Back at My To-Do List for 2006

Dear Blog-

Ok, after I took breakfast to DH at the farmer's market (Sausage McMuffin with egg and hashbrowns, all of which is at one and the same time really gross, and pretty darned yummy), I came home and had my own breakfast, attacked the house, lounged about, etc. In general, everything except to come back here and show you what I had meant to do over this last year.

Here is my list:
*Cabled jacket from Debbie Bliss Cashmere Collection - done!
*Three pairs of lightweight wool socks. Ok, one down, two more to go. The problem is that I HATE knitting socks on little teeny yarn and little teeny needles. Very tedious. Love them with worsted, hate them with sock yarn. But they are my waiting room project, so I plug along on them.
*Felted bag with brown Noro. I'm thinking that must have been the one I did for my cousin last year.
*Ribbed scarf in Paton's Classic Merino. Hmmm... Have to dig that out and use it.
*Many lace scarves. Well, I did one, have another on the needles. Designed and knit yet another. Does the Argosy scarf count? In that case I have done one of those and have yet another on the way.
*Crocheted Lacy Fans sweater. Have discovered that crochet now bothers my wrists in anything but short projects. Still, I'll move this on the the 2007 list. Maybe I can do it in stages.
*Sweater with blue yarn from vacation. This turned out to be the Barbizon jacket from Morehouse that I am wearing right now, that you may see the occasional sleeve edge of in photos.
*Entrelac Stole. Ahhh! Sigh. My beloved Lady Eleanor's Entrelac Stole from Scarf Style that I loved, loved, loved right up to the moment when my DH offered to sell it to someone right off my back at the farmer's market 6 weeks ago, for a largish sum. I ordered the yarn for the replacement from Discount Yarn Sales on November 13th, and I'm still waiting for it to show up. This does NOT make me happy.
*? with green vacation yarn. This became the Sakiori III vest I made for DH (I should sell the thing next time someone admires it at the market, except that then I'd have to make another one). I used Bartlett yarn, and while it is pretty yarn it feels like barbed wire, and the leftovers are consigned to the donation heap.
*Level II of Master Knitter program. Uh, have to send in my re-dos for Level I first.
*Nativity set from Alan Dart pattern. Haven't looked at it yet, but will move it to the next list.
*Advent calendar from same source. I actually made about 5 of these ornaments, and have vowed to make one a month for the next year and get them all made.
*Victorian Mice, same source. I've made two. Will make more this coming year.
*Couch pillows. Still looking for a pattern that grabs me by the sneakers.
*Afghan. Slowly one by one I am making one with mitered squares from Noro Transitions.
*Light green felted bowl. Done, and sold it at the market.
*Dark green felted bowl. I think this yarn still lurks in the yarn cabinet as I decided that I really didn't want to make a dark green felted bowl after all. Wait, no it became my felted Geranium Leaf bag design.
*Two bags of Olive dk, Simply Garter vest? What a nightmare THAT is! I cannot possibly get the gauge her pattern calls for. On ANY size needle. It was something crazy like 3 sts/inch on size 9's with dk weight wool. Yeah, right.
*Color on Color Scarf from Scarf Style. Love this scarf. Just haven't summoned up the courage to spend that much on yarn for a scarf.
*Felted clogs. Decided I really didn't want them. Instead have made felted slippers for both my sister and my aunt.
*Felted ornaments. That one got shuffled to the wayside. Perhaps next fall.
*Pearl Coat. Love this pattern from Morehouse, but have noticed that I am making lots of jackets, and no 'inside the house' type of sweaters. This will have to wait.
*Knit skirt. Forget what or where this pattern is. It will have to wait til my bum shrinks. Drape and my backside are not a good combination just at the moment.
*Kiri shawl. Not sure why, I don't like triangular shawls. They remind me of the 70s.
*rug. Still hunting for rug yarn. Why doesn't anyone sell rug yarn anymore?
*Kimono cardigan. See Pearl Coat, above.
*needle felted Kiwi for Lynn. Did that! Gave it to her for the 1st anniversary of Kiwi Knitting.
*Noro Transitions scarf. This one mutated into the afghan above.
*Bag for Uber Sis. Done and sent to her for her b-day.
*Dineh Blanket vest from Folk Vests. Did it, love it.
*Simply Garter Vest. See olive dk wool above.
*Guild Sampler vest. Did it. Maintain that the designer should be shot.
*Colour Your Own Philosopher's. In the process even as we speak.
*Tiger Lily jacket. I like it, but look like hell in orange. Maybe later.
*Dream Jacket from Dazzling Knits. This one is a must, I'll move it to the next list.

Well, I think I did pretty darned well considering that I also did a whole lot that didn't start out on the list for the year.

Things I did that didn't make it to the list:
*Moebius scarf that was Alisoned to my boss when her Dad died.
*Entrelac Felted bag by Lori Sweazy.
*Aran cropped lace cardi from Elan.
*Rabbit for an old friend's new baby. But DH claimed it, so
*Bear for old friend's new baby.
*Lace square for the guild afghan.
*Many felted bags.
*A host of felted bowls.
*Elements Shawl.
*Huck Lace Shawl by Morehouse.
*Felted bowl for my sister in law's b-day.
*Einstein coat.
*Felted pears and felted pumpkins.
*cat sweater.
*felted hats.
*two wrist warmer sets with patterns.
*many millions of mini Christmas stockings.
*Ditto of little mittens.
*sachet trio....

And there are probably a whole lot of things I'm not even remembering.

My UFO's are things that are kind of dead in the water for the moment. I'm working on my PW CYO, so that could be called a work in progress rather than a UFO. Ditto the Argosy and the Scherezade shawl. So that leaves only my wrap sweater from Kidsilk Haze, my second one of the Elizabeth scarves, and THAT IS IT!!! Oh, and finishing my teeny amount of re-dos for the MK Level I.

I'm going to go away now, and come back later to put links in. I think.


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What happen to the old Lynda Rug Yarn that you Crochet small rugs.Not the hook kind.?

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