Saturday, December 30, 2006

Look What the Knitting Fairy Brought!

Dear Blog-

I told you yesterday that I would show you what I got for Christmas, so here I am. I guess by now all my family know that I am A Woman Obsessed, so they just enable me with things relating to knitting.

First, a couple of weeks before Christmas, my parents gave me money as my gift, and I hot-footed it to work where I picked up the Denise pink needle set that I had been lusting after. I already have a blue set and love them, but because of what I went through in November I have a greater understanding what women who have breast cancer must experience - though I was very lucky and had a negative biopsy and so only saw the tip of the iceberg. But the thought that these needles were meant especially as a sign of support for breast cancer research meant that I had to have them. Then I thought about all those times when you really do need two needles of the same size on the same project at the same time, and I was doubly glad I had them. I then took all my Clover bamboo circs and put them up for sale on ebay (thank you ever so much if anyone here bought them, I really am appreciative) and with the money I made from the sale, turned around and gave it all to DH as HIS Christmas gift of a new computer desk. He has been using a wooden table for this for the past five years, I figure for all the wonderful things he does he sure deserves a real computer desk. And he bought me this gorgeous oak roll-top desk that I sit at now as a gift for our first Christmas together. So the gift from my parents was the gift that kept on giving!

Once I did that, he complained that he really didn't have any idea what to get me. I thought a minute and realized that I can always find things at the LYS where I work that would make me pretty darned happy as gifts, so in his name I picked out the gorgeous little Lantern Moon basket you see here, as well as a black sheep tape measure (that I have named 'Blackie', because I really am that original) and also the final pair of 12" Addi circs that I needed to make up the whole set of 12"ers. I really love those puppies, tho in general I really, really don't like Addi turbos. I did order some Addi Naturas to try on my Scheherazade Shawl, as I still haven't found the right needles for that yet. I should also mention that he got me a sweater shaver set with a large and a small lint shaver It is the very first of it's kind that I have ever found that actually works! And they work great! I have been shaving every woolly thing I have seen since. Also in this picture is the set of Lantern Moon rosewood circs that my LYSO boss gave me for Christmas.

And my eldest sister (also sometimes known as Uber Sis aka KnitWit RN) made this lovely felted bag for me as my gift. Even after she read my blog and saw what I had made for her! I love it, love the colors and moved all my things into it the day after Christmas and have been using it happily ever since. It was much admired in the salon when I went to get my hair cut this week.

Finally, my other sister and her partner gave me $$$ that were earmarked for use at Morehouse Farms, where I ordered the Algonquin Cardigan KnitKit in Natural Chocolate brown, olive bulky yarn to make one of their cowls with (my ears get awfully cold at the farmer's market) and one of their color sample books. Because I am planning to make a whole lot more things with their yarn in the future. I gave up using cheap yarn after my first project, and since then I have used nothing but nice wools and alpacas. But now I have decided I want to use really nice wool. Damn the torpedoes!

And just as great, Dear Blog, is that I finished the second sleeve of my PW CYO this afternoon, and they are over there --> blocking together even as we speak. I'll show them to you when they are finished blocking. I had thought I would catch up on a couple of other things before starting the body of the sweater, but am starting to see that I need to cast on the body right away and get started on it.

So off I go to flip through the PW book, and then cast on. Perhaps make my pockets first.



Blogger Carol said...

OMG! You, the master knitter, are actually using my bag? What a wonderful thing! Must tell you I have received numerous compliments on my gift...which all can see by looking at your blog. Why, that's how I first saw it.

Uber Sis

7:14 PM  

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