Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sakiori III Vest

Dear Blog-

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. It seems that life just gets so darned busy, and yet for the life of me I can't think of a single useful thing that I've been doing. EXCEPT!!! The Sakiori III vest is finished at last. Actually, I had finished it on Saturday, it just takes me forever to sit down and sew on buttons, and this time it was both buttons and frogs as well. But here it is! (I promise the frogs and buttons are evenly spaced. It is just the way it hangs on this hanger.)

Ok, now can anyone explain to me why it took 3 hours to load these pics onto Blogger? Alright, so I went out to the going-out-of-yarn sale to see what was left (not much), and then went to Walgreens, but still!

Anyway, you'll recall that last time I wrote, I was all worked up because the yarn lots didn't match. Notice the very top of the vest back in this picture.

So after I wrote, I looked in my yarn stash at the rest of the yarn for this project. Only to find, much to my despair, that the bottom of the vest, the MAIN DANG PART that was already knitted was the odd ball out. That would mean taking out the entire back of the vest and starting over. Well, I figured if G really doesn't care, why the heck should I make myself crazy over a vest he'll wear at the farmer's market? So, very, very unlike myself, Anal Knitting Woman just said que sera sera and knitted up the rest of the vest. G doesn't care and it does look great all finished. And the weather is starting to get cool enough on market mornings that I think I have finished it just in time.

Also since I spoke with you last, I worked up a solitary demo mitten for a pattern I had to write for a class I was teaching.

I named the pattern The Three Bears Mittens as it is sized for generic child, mother and father. This made my husband think it would look good on Pookie, our only child.

Only he forgets that Pookie is deformed and only has big clubby stumps where his paws should be. Anyway, he decided it looked cute anyway, and let the mitten rest on Pookie's leg, whereupon he took that picture.

Now Pookie's story is interesting. My husband sent me Pookie for our first Valentine's Day, which was actually before we had even met. We met online through one of the Aromatherapy lists we were both on, and found ourselves chatting for hours every day, at odd hours of the day and night. A big mystery box arrived for me at Christmas with all kinds of wonderful Aromatherapy things in it, including the sublime Rose Petal Jam. If you haven't tried RPJ, you need to. Then on Valentine's Day the UPS man delivered a box about the size of a small refrigerator crate, and Pookie was inside. Pookie is very soft. And very big.

And remember me saying that I put my felted things in the oven to dry? And how I've never been stupid enough to turn on the oven when one is in there? Ok, you know when I ran out of the room a couple minutes ago? That loud piercing sound was the smoke alarm going off. Fortunately I was able to rescue the thing with no apparent damage, but it sure is dry now!


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