Monday, September 18, 2006

You know...

... There is that long gap of time in between when one's husband gets home from work, and when you can get near the computer again. Here are some of the projects that I still have waiting in the wings to talk about. I've decided to do perhaps one or two at a time, until I master that whole 'put the photo where you want it' thing.

I fell in love with the Lady Eleanor's Entrelac Stole from Scarf Style and I spent a couple of months amassing the Silk Garden needed to make this baby. Although I already knew how to do the technique this was my first entrelac project, and I found the directions less clear than they ought to have been. I think too many times pattern writers 'dumb down' patterns in an attempt to make them easier for the novice or even the lazy knitter, and they are not really doing anyone a service after all. This directions for this project did not have you knitting backwards on the private side rows when that would have been (and was, I assure you) infinitely easier to do on those tiny little 8 stitch rows. Knitting backwards is so darned easy to pick up that I have had students get it instantly, and after a few practice rows they are ready to dive right into entrelac.

Anyway, I really, really love this project, it is one of my favorite things that I have made. Last winter after finishing it (in just two weeks) I wore it alllll the time - both at home just for snugliness, and out and about - and I did get tons of compliments on it. The Silk Garden was an excellent choice, IMHO, as the color changes corresponded almost exactly with the changes in squares and it is delightfully soft. The yarn called for in the pattern would have been in the neighborhood of $300, I felt like I got such a great deal spending about $100 on Silk Garden. Several people in our guild and at our shop have made this since seeing mine, and AFAIK, all of them have chosen Silk Garden as well. It is fascinating to see how different this piece looks in each different colorway.

Hmmm... unfortunately I seem to have loaded these sideways. Just turn your head til I get the tech support away from the other computer.


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