Monday, September 18, 2006

Ready for more show and tell?

I'll be delighted when I am all caught up. This time I'm going to put all the pictures in at once, and see if I can add text around them. Experiments in blogging!

Oh, crap! I forgot to move the cursor down before adding in the pics. I guess I will just have to talk up here. The bear is named Sasha, and he was knitted for the new son of a friend of ours. He married a Russian woman and we wanted to help welcome their little Alexander into the world.

I had first knitted a rabbit for Alexander, but somehow my husband was pretty sure that this was meant for him to take to work with him. Because this idea is too cute for words I couldn't say no, and to work the rabbit went. Actually, I think he is at the LYS right now, I'll have to recover him so G can take him back to work. And I know I have a rabbit picture here somewhere. These both came from the book Knitted Toys. (I think.)

Then below you see the lovely lady mouse. She is from an Alan Dart pattern. I think AD is the dog's bullocks, and I have also knitted a male mouse for - you guessed it - G to take to work. It stands next to his computer and keeps him company. He works for the greatest company, not only do they all have toys at their computer, but from time to time management gives them NEW toys. I could deal with that. As long as I could knit, too. Isn't her little mouse butt cute?


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