Saturday, November 19, 2005

vacation pics...

Here are few pictures from our vacation in the mid-Hudson Valley in early summer to visit my family. There are a couple of pictures from Country Wool (hmmm... maybe I will put the post here where I talked about my yarn crawl on vacation. Yeah, that's next.). I loved Country Wool, loved Claudia, and could stay in there all day looking at her amazing selection of yarns. The first pic shows the outside of her shop, the second shows a most amazing sweater (though not in detail) that is on her front counter. And that of course is Claudia behind the counter.

Also on our trip, one day we were on our way to the Shaker Museum up in Chatham, and passed by this pasture with alpacas. They were so curious about us, came right up to the fence to be petted, and OMG they were soft! C'mere, let me knit you! And they were the most gorgeous colors, everything from black, through rich chocolate brown, coffee, cinnamon, reddish, gold, cream...


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