Saturday, November 19, 2005

At Last!

They have finally made it simple enough to add pictures to the blog that even I can figure it out. So I am going to post several bits so that I can stick in all my pictures that have been waiting, and tell about each project.

Watch out, I have a whole year's worth of projects to show...

Here are Milly and Henry, the bears I did for my niece's girls. They are pretty darned cute, now that I look at them again. They are both based on bears in the book The Knitted Teddy Bear by Sandra Polley. They took ages to do, especially since I wanted to work them out of washable yarn, and that means no wool, and that means yarn with no give, which in turn means OUCH! for my hands. But that is a lesson well learned, and I do love the way they came out. Milly's dress was supposed to be knitted with baby yarn on little mouse needles, but by that time I had enough and was more than ready to finish this project, and crocheted her dress instead with crochet cotton and some left-over pink glitzy stuff from a scarf someone asked me to make last winter. They are sitting in my morning knitting chair in the dining room, in front of the back windows where I like to watch the birds while I eat breakfast.


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