Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Xmas in September

Dear Blog-

So I was really tempted to add in projects that I did last Christmas for gifts, then realized how anal I'm getting about putting all the pictures on that I can find so far. I have decided to spare you that. It would be right up there with looking at someone else's vacation or baby pictures. I'd rather smack my teeth out with a hammer.

Instead, as one last bit before I make my husband download whatever other pictures are on the camera yet, I thought I would put in a picture of my anniversary present.

Which I have not taken off since. Ok, I take them off to sleep.

While searching high and low for that picture, I did find a couple pictures of more recent projects...

The first picture is of a felted baby bootie pattern I designed that uses a Turkish cast-on.

Next is another of my designs that I call a Geranium Leaf bag, because of the crocheted edge.

Then comes my design called the Elements Shawl, which is great for using up stash. Stash reduction was a large part of my focus for projects this summer, so I designed several patterns with that in mind.

In that same thought goes the Kaliedescope Bag...

And while I'm at it I may as well hunt down the photo for my Sock Project bag, another of my designs that I developed out of a desire to have a knitting bag that wouldn't fit a small child and two cats...

followed by my Ell of a Bag, another design for those who don't want to carry an enormous knitting bag...


Blogger Joan said...

What great knitting pictures and wonderful inspiration for the overflowing cartons of oddball skeins of wool. Love your blog!

8:49 AM  

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