Monday, September 18, 2006

Dineh vest

The Dineh Vest was another pattern that I had looked at for some time before just breaking down and buying the yarn and getting it out of my system. In Folk Vests it is shown in a red colorway with black and light blue contrast. I chose to work this in colors that are more traditional according to the Navajo rugs I have. I have never been a vest person but this is one that convinced me that perhaps I could be. Again, so delightfully warm in winter when it is not quite cold enough to turn up the heat, and another project that I have gotten many compliments on.

The pattern is worked from the center back outwards, the idea being that you cast on in the center back and then sew the center seam after you finish both sides. The idea of a center baack seam is not a pleasant one, so I use a provisional cast-on and then grafted the two pieces together when I was all done. My advice to you? Never try to Kitchener some 200 sts at night in black yarn. Just a word to the wise. But it was worth the trouble, that bit looks gorgeous.

I also chose to work this in a two-handed fair isle technique, which was possible by working the private side rows backwards. So yes, I worked this project in a two-handed, backwards knit fair isle. Yes, it was a lot easier than it sounds, and the inside is a thing of beauty.


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