Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dear Blog-

As usual life has gotten ahead of me this past weekend, so while I have been knitting away like a madwoman in order to not actually become a madwoman, it hasn't given me time to stop in and visit with you.

Thursday and Friday I was able to pick up some extra afternoon hours at the shop after teaching in the mornings. After work Thursday I came home, fetched the DH, and we went over to the other side of the moon to sign off on the car insurance buy-off for our former car. On the way home we tried a place called Frankie's for excellent cheese-steak sandwiches. Friday after work I came home and fetched the DH, and we returned the rental car and went and bought our 'new' car. G has a good friend who owns a dealership that had gotten the car in trade, and he gave us a great deal. And so we decided to stop again at Frankie's to celebrate and make sure the sandwiches were really as good as we thought they were the night before. They were, but it might require further research in future.

Saturday I left early to go get Mom and take her for the weekly shopping expedition in our new car. Whose a/c, which was merrily and efficiently freezing our faces off the night before, decided it was no longer going to work. Not a good thing in Tucson. Not in summer. Took G to work in the afternoon for his first day at the temp job, which, when I picked him up at 10 pm, he told me was a piece of cake. Sunday - private lesson in the morning for one of my students at the local Starbucks, take G to work for the afternoon. One great thing - my student had a Bush Backwards key-chain that digitally keeps track BY THE 100th OF A SECOND of how long til Bush leaves office. Must have one.

Monday morning we woke up to a great, rainy day and several of my knitting peeps came over for the morning so that we could sit around, knit, eat food, and talk trash about people. Including each other. Took G to work.

So this morning we go to the car dealership to get the a/c fixed, and there seemed to be some confusion about taking care of it, but all that is straight now and I will take it in Thursday after work and get the a/c fixed up. Seems the relay switch to the compressor died. What kind of luck is that?

And while this is all going on this morning, my Dad calls me on the phone (Note to Sis: act stupid and surprised by turns when you hear about this from M&D) and tells me that his surgery, scheduled for this Saturday to correct his Meniere's, has to be rescheduled. Can I take him up to Phoenix (two hour drive) tomorrow. I can't, it turns out. Long story short, in the afternoon I called the surgeon's office and got him scheduled for the end of this month. This saves them calling Dad, Dad calling me, and then Dad calling them back, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Mother, at the same time, calls and asks if I have her written down for an appointment at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Shirley, I can't even manage my own life at this point, how can I keep track of your haircuts?

Did I mention that I am HAVING MY PERIOD??????? And that despite this, despite my PMS, and in spite of our last week and a half, there are still people walking about Tucson alive and breathing? That, my friends, is a miracle of the first order.

How, you wonder, has Lynda saved her sanity these past few days? Say it with me, Sisters. KNITTING!

On Saturday I finished the herringbone felted bag, all ready to put it up on etsy as my first venture there. Wish me luck.

Sunday I finished the Fair Isle bag with Noro, another eventual entry on my etsy site. Needs lining and handles, but I am really pleased with how it came out.

Monday I finished up the first of a pair of socks. I thought they were for me, but this sock tells me that it is a Christmas present. I've got the second sock cast on and started.

Today, knowing that I would probably do a good bit of sitting while they took a look and hopefully fixed my a/c, I decided to take along the Morehouse Merino lace yarn with which I will be designing a shibori scarf, so that I could work up some ideas and get an idea of gauge. I've decided it also needs some beads in it. The first pack of beads has too much brown, the second pack has too much blue. I'm going to sit down and sort them out into one nice mix of the best of both.

In the meantime, I know you are wondering what is going on with my MS3. I did get totally thrown off during Harry Potter week, and the events of last week were no great help, but I have been plugging doggedly on and have about 5 chart rows before I finish Clue 4. Clue 5 has lots of short-rows, so I should be able to dive into that and get caught up by the end of the week so that I will be ready for Clue 6. I was delighted to discover that my theme guess was so right! I knew it was Swan Lake, I just knew it! I really, really don't want to lag behind on this project, I want it done at the end of the month when the last clue comes out. I have soooo much knitting to look forward to, not the LEAST of which is the Kauni cardi, and

AAANNNNNND! OMG!! The pattern for the Autumn cardi has come out!! I have it! It is MINE! The urge to start it is so strong, but I am resisting at least until I get caught up with the MS3. And yes, I did get to show off my Kauni to the knit peeps yesterday, and yes, they were properly shocked and awed, not to mention madly, deliriously desirous of possessing Kauni of their own.

So it is time to go fetch DH from work and bring him home. Good news is that they have asked him to continue full-time for the next two weeks. This gives us that much more ease while he job hunts. Turns out they love him there, so they should be able to give him a great recommendation for his next job.

In the meantime, Knit on!



Anonymous Marianne said...

Yeah, 2 weeks full time and autumn cardi pattern....life can be good!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE your little herringbone bag, so sweet!! Thanks for the info about the Autumn Leaves cardi. Glad your hubby gets another 2 weeks. All your work is just gorgeous!

9:40 AM  

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