Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blame It On Harry Potter

Delicious Yarny Goodness!

Dear Blog-

Yes, I'll say it again, blame it on Harry Potter. DH did a marathon and finished said tome on Sunday afternoon, whereupon it was turned over to me. When I was not eating, teaching or sleeping, I was reading Harry. Because don't we ALL have to know how this one ends? Graham tells me he went into work on Monday and put up a sign at his desk, 'I've read Harry Potter and I know who dies!' Yes, he does have a cruel sense of humor. He said that by the end of the day, such signs were all over the office, dividing the Knows from the Know-Nots. My other great love in life since the tender age of five (so a couple of years before learning to knit) has always been reading, so yes, I actually did resent the time for once that knitting class swatches took away from the book. But now I, too, have read Harry Potter, and I know who dies. And I also know who lives! Heh heh.

But LOOK! LOOK!!! This morning, when I came back home from taking Mom on our weekly grocery store trip, I found DH unwrapping THIS! My Kauni has arrived! MY KAUNI HAS ARRIVED!!! And it is gorgeous. It is even lovelier in person than I thought it was in virtuality. The colors of the EQ (rainbow) are not so slap-you-in-the-face as one fears they might be. This morning before going to pick up Mom, I was really having a Kauni jones. I was

Gordon Bennett! I was just typing the foregoing, while outside fell a nice, steady Tucson summer rain, all at peace with my world, when suddenly there was a bright flash and a loud BOOM! - all at the same time! I spontaneously levitated about 4 feet above my chair seat, let out a frightened squeak, and prayed to God that this wasn't going to be The Big One, Elizabeth! Did I, in all my excitement, forget to thank God for my new yarn? If so, I am thanking Him now! No need to set my house on fire and blow out the computer! No, no! Tho I always did wish I had naturally curly hair.

At any rate, I am quite pleased with the Kauni yarn, and am swatching even as we speak, with a chart thanks to Jeanie and our e-mail chat this morning (as I was jonesing for my yarn. Ah, yes, that is where I left off...).

So I check Ruth Sorensen's blog just about daily now, waiting for the pattern for her Autumn Cardi to be posted. Not there yet, but dang it, I have my yarn, all ready, with metaphoric sticks in hand. And almost all wound, too! I keep popping a skein on the swift, and every now and then as I walk by wind it a few goes at a time. With seemingly eight pounds of fingering weight yarn per skein, it takes a while. But Look! Isn't it delicious? Isn't it worth having your arm fall off from over-winding all in one day?

The results of one Kauni skein

In other knitting news this week, I am sure you remember me mentioning about a month ago that I was starting to make/design a Noro Kureyon sweater that was basically a giant circle with sleeves. I myself don't remember if I told you that I took it with me to Knit Dr one day and was mocked
mightily by the LYSO and one of my knitting peeps. It seems I had NOT reinvented the wheel as I had thought in my knitterly fantasies, but rather everyone and their mother has already designed one of these. Well, this daunting news pretty much took the wind out of my sails, I don't mind telling you. So it sat in its basket under the coffee table (refer to previous photos), waiting for me to decide its fate. This week I finally decided, to heck with them! I'm going to love it anyway, and they will all be jealous as cats when it is finished. Not that this is the point, mind you. Or not the whole point, at any rate. So I have taken it up again, released it from it's yarny limbo, and here is how it is progressing. I might just name it after Scarlett O'Hara.

Fie on the sceptics!

But see that tiny ring of light grey, just to the outer edge of the black stripe? A couple of nights ago I was looking at the the whole thing and admiring myself and my boundless talents, when I discovered that I had moved my increases by one stitch, the entire blessed way around. Do you know how to ladder down 8 sts for 14 rows, and hook them back up properly, including your lifted increases in the proper places? Eight times? Well, I sure do now!

Other than that, blog, I have photos of my Before swatches from two of my upcoming felting classes to show you, but since I quite forgot to photograph them
after felting, and promptly took them into the shop like the good little Girl Scout that I never was (having been kicked out of Brownies, but that is another story), I have no afters to show you. So I will take photos of those swatches when I am next in the shop on Tuesday, and show the whole beast to you then.

In the meantime, I will go back to my Kauni swatch, which I have decided to do in 5's, 4's and 3's, knitted flat in two-handed FI, which means backward 2-h FI on alternate rows. I did a whole side-to-side vest that way, once. They released me from the asylum after only 30 days. The worst part was not being alowed knitting needles.



Blogger Sonya said...

Your husband is funny. We had a good laugh over his sign.

1:20 PM  
Blogger macKnitty said...

I'm sorry for making fun of your wheel jacket. I will be tres jealous when I see it completed. Hey! I'm pregnant (new excuse for everything).

4:42 PM  

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