Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Scheherazade, finished!
Dear Blog-

Did you ever have one of those days? This morning I got up at the butt-crack of dawn to ride into work with DH so that I could get the car to go to work myself later in the morning. Now let me just tell you, this has not been a good year for us financially. On New Year's weekend my husband went home sick from the Farmer's Market with his blood sugar out of whack (he is a diabetic). We were dropped from the Farmer's Market because of that. The man (term used VERY generously, not entirely certain he possesses a human heart) who runs the market told my husband that he didn't believe he was sick, that someone told him Graham was complaining of a back ache. Well, he may have done, after all, we find out, he has bilateral kidney stones. About a month later he was in the hospital having MORE cardiac stents put in, to go with the ones he had done last Memorial Day weekend. So yes, my husband wasn't feeling well that day. As a result, our income was cut by a third, instantly, on someone's whim.

That's a pretty big bite out of the family wallet, let me tell you, and life has been really skinny for the last six months. We have tried our best to muddle through, and had a long talk on July 4th, concluding that we would turn off the home phone, cancel the cable tv, and find a smaller house to live in. I mean, we can pay our housing, pay our bills, pay down our debt from having to close our shop due to my ill health, buy our medicines for the month (he has cardiac issues, hypertension, is a diabetic and has sleep apnea, I have asthma and hypertension, plus electrolyte issues), and then we have about $200 for the rest of the month to buy food & gas. A couple of months ago his car decided to break it's water pump, and has been sitting in the carport since, waiting for us to have extra money. Life is tight here at Casa Sorenson.

So, picture us: here we are on our way into DH's work this morning, and suddenly the car starts overheating. We manage to pull into an AutoZone parking lot about a half mile from his work, and open the hood to a great puff of steam. Yes, our radiator is shot, beyond repair. We bought radiator sealant and borrowed a bucket full of water, and got DH to work. Then I slowly drove home, praying all the while and with one eye on the temperature gauge, and just managed to baby the car into the driveway. AAA towed it to the repair station, and I got a call about an hour later with the estimate - $537.20. We don't have a spare $537.20. It sounds pathetic, I know. Believe me, I know. But that is the reality of it.

I eat breakfast, and go to put the margarine from my toast back in the fridge, and the fridge shelf collapsed. Go down the hall to take a shower, and in my shower stall is a giant sewer roach. We borrowed my Dad's truck so that we could get parts for DH to repair the car, and I won't even go into that story. But, as I get into the car so that we can go to one of those loan shark shops to borrow money to buy car parts, my skirt rips as I slide across the seat. I only have two skirts that fit me right now that can be worn in public. This was one of them.

Oh, did I tell you that when we got to the library to return our books and pick up the reserve books they were holding for me, we found out that the library closes two hours earlier on Fridays?

All I can say is that I have had far better days than this, and look forward to far better days coming round again.

But... I finished Schehrazade last night and blocked it. Isn't it gorgeous? It is now wrapped up for Xmas and tucked away.

I'm going to go make myself some tea, knit, and eat chocolate. Early to bed tonite, so that this day is done that much sooner.




Blogger Karen said...

You know, someone out there said that Murphy (you know, of Murphy's Law) was an optimist. I think Murphy was a man who was sick of getting all the crap and put his nasty juju out in the world to get others! I hope things improve for your family. The stole is absolutely lovely.

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