Friday, July 06, 2007

Yarn Harlot, Eat My Dust!

Me, Mad Trend-setter, first thing in the morning before I am fully awake, and therefore before reason stays my hand. Note camera position cleverly hides 'thing' happening between my chin and neck.

Dear Blog-

There! I've said it!

To the untrained eye, you might think that no one would look at me and say, Now there goes a mad Trend-setter! Now, in my younger days, I like to think that I did start more than a few mad stampedes to the Next Big Thing - Annie Lennox's crew cut? I had it first! - and yet I have hung up my fashion-forward hat in later years and settled down to a quiet life (the demands of trend-setting are just huge, really, and constant, as well. Quite exhausting.) rather cleverly disguised as a middle-aged woman. (See above.)

But that old Trend-o-Meter still emits a sharp wail now and then, and I hit on the next best thing with a fervor that recalls my old days as the person to watch. It's like observing a well-trained bird dog hit the scent: their whole body goes all stiff and quivery, and their nose points unwaveringly directly at the item in question, with their tail straight out behind them - probably to keep them from tipping forward in their eagerness. And while these days it might be in regards to yarn and all things knitting rather than the latest clothing trends and hairstyles, let me tell you, I still have it!

After all, I knew felting was the next big thing (may I just interject here: Nicky Epstein Eat My Dust!), and got the LYSO at the Evil Yarn Shop to order in tons of Cascade 220, and it was our (their) best seller until they later closed out their yarn dept. (Actually, it was an evil LYSO, not an evil shop. I mean, it wasn't built on an ancient Indian burial ground or anything.) I knew socks were the next big thing. I knew lace was the next big thing, and that lace shawls were hot on its heels. Right now I can tell you that this winter, or next summer at the latest, Kauni Effektgarn and patterns for it will be the next big thing.

But last summer sometime I was trawling the internet and found several mentions of the Mystery Stole KAL, and found Melanie Gibbon's wonderful site, Pink Lemon Twist, where she blogs and sells her incredible lace stole designs. Unfortunately, I found out about the KAL too late to join in (ok, so I missed that one, shoot me!), but signed up for the special notice when the next one came out, and bought the patterns from MS2 and MS1 (and yet another, I think). I am within a few measly days of finishing her Scheherazade design, the MS2, and it is gorgeous.

So roll forward to this year, earlier last month, when I made my way blearily to the computer one morning. Morning routine: Wake at 7 without benefit of alarm, don apparel, check peak flow, stagger over to other end of the room, go into loo and pee if required, if not, unplug air filter and drag it down to the main end of the house. Plug it in and switch it on, stagger past computer and switch it on, go to cabinet in kitchen and take asthma meds. Stagger back to computer chair and collapse, read news and emails. This one lovely morning when I found the notice from Melanie that the MS3 KAL was starting and that one could sign up as of that day, you can bet that I tossed off my weariness like an old Madonna hair-rag and raced right over there and was number 12 to sign up. Or at least, there were 11 members already when I went to the site to join. Who knows, there may have been a Miss Speedy Fingers already there, signing up at #12 and leaving 13 for me. It's possible. My point is, I was there pretty darned fast. I may not have made the Top 10, but I was like this close, really. And have watched in amazement as the group has grown by leaps and bounds every day.

I'll admit, I did go on Special Notices only about a week or two into the group as there was just an overwhelming amount of email, and it seemed that everyone was too excited to trim their posts, to ask themselves the essential email question, Does the whole world really care deeply about what I'm about to say? and other things that you hopefully learn when you join in groups with thousands of other list members. So instead I read my normal-people emails each morning, and then check into the messages on the group website and skim for things I might want to read there. This wise move on my part has preserved my sanity, my reputation as a fairly nice person in the knitting world, and my computer from crashing under the weight of 361 'me, too!' emails each day.

So this morning, as I was skimming the posts since yesterday at about 7:30 Pacific time, I see that Yarn Harlot has joined the KAL, along with many other of her Harloteers. I say welcome to them! Welcome to you all, the more the merrier! But hey, a pack of Johnny-Come-Lately's, or what? Now I know, as goes Yarn Harlot, so goes the nation, but hey, I beat you on this one! :-P

In the meantime I have printed up Clue 2, and since our LYS is closed this week for the holidays, I have no place I have to be and a clean house. I'm gonna be knittin today.

In other news, last nite DH and I were invited to go along with our market friends to the local comedy club, where a fine time was had by all. Ok, the MC was so not funny that it was painful to watch, but the rest made up for it. When we came out it was still hot and dry - we had been so hopeful, the skies were dark and ominous as we drove across town to the club, with a nice wind kicking up - usually good signs of an imminent monsoon storm on the horizon. Then we noticed that the dust on the windshield had that uniquely spotty appearance. And the very occasional puddle at the side of the dry streets. Cops with a whole block closed off. Cops directing traffic at darkened stoplights. A whole tree at the corner of River and First tumbled over into the sidewalk and road. More puddles, more tree debris. The phone book that some fool left at the foot of our mailbox now resting in the driveway of the house two doors down the street. And the final bit of evidence that we had MISSED the first monsoon of the season? Yes, Mr. Nightmare clinging to our front screen door when we got home. Too big, too hairy, and with far too many legs, he looks as though he must have dragged a whole cow down into his little lair before he went to sleep last winter. Oh, dammit, he's back. Did I mention that he's big?

But the monsoons have started. And I got the jump on the Yarn Harlot. Could life be better?

Off to wash dishes, self, and commence knitting-

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