Sunday, March 11, 2007

What I Did On My Mid-Winter Vacation


Dear Blog-

No, Blog, it's ok. I didn't go on vacation without telling you about it first. You are probably sitting there feeling hurt and wondering why you didn't get a postcard.

You remember I told you that I was scheduled to have two angiograms last week? Well, Monday evening I was very short of breath, with hypertension, tachycardia, chest pain, and numbness and tingling down my left arm. So about 9 pm DH trotted me off to the ER. The short version of the story is that they kept me overnight, did three angiograms the next day, and then finally sent me home late on Wednesday afternoon. The good news includes the fact that my blood vessels are as clean as the proverbial whistle, I don't have pulmonary hypertension, and the bruises are slowly fading, and skin is growing back where it was ripped off by bandage tape over and over again. The bad news is that now we don't know what the answer is, so have to start looking in another direction. But I'm told that other things are easier to solve than cardiac issues are.

Of course I didn't get any knitting done on Tuesday with sleeping on and off all day til they took me for my tests at about 3:30, then having to lie flat all evening. But Wednesday morning I thought I was feeling perky enough for a short constitutional up and down the hall, only to end up back in my bed, short of breath and feeling like I had just run 10 miles with large, menacing dogs hot on my heels. So I whipped out my knitting, finished the back of my sweater, did the 3-needle BO on the shoulders, and started the collar. All before they finally let me free.


I was going to (and in fact did, this morning) take another picture of it with the buttons on, but my camera just doesn't want to 'see' that sweater hanging in early morning light, so you will have to forgo the pleasure until later.

Wednesday afternoon and evening I just chilled on the couch and read and napped and watched tv, but I finished the collar by Friday morning, and then picked up along the sleeve edge and got started there. I also went and fetched some embroidery floss in a matching color and sewed on the buttons. I like the buttons, I think they are really cute, but I am not convinced that they are the right buttons for this sweater. My search continues.

Now I am about 4 inches along on the first sleeve, and things should just fly along at this point. Which is good, because the real world is creeping up on me, and I have to start a moebius scarf for a class that I will start teaching this week, and then finish my felted cable bag, and dive right in to the vest I am teaching starting at the beginning of next month. Perhaps I will even start work on the scarf today so that I know it won't creep up on me - this sweater, as much as I am enjoying it, can wait til later.

It can wait because our weather has been in the 80s ever since I got out of the hospital, and it doesn't look like it is going to get any cooler soon. I know that people in other places - where they enjoy normal weather - think this sounds great right about now, and I would feel the same way if I were them. But if we start in the 80s and stay there in March, that means 90s in April, and in the 100s already in May. I'd like to put those 100s off as long as possible, as they will still be here with us into late September. By which time I will be barking mad.

However, our penstemmon in the back yard are starting to bloom, so how could that be all bad? I haven't gotten out there this week to see if our red penstemmon is started yet. The pink ones are volunteers and they are all over the back yard, they will get to be about 5 ft. tall by the time they finish blooming in about 6 weeks. Then I just let them go to seed again in the yard. The more penstemmon, the merrier. And I noticed that one of our purple lantana is starting to bloom, too. I really want to get out there with an empty barrel and clippers and get everything trimmed back and cleaned up before it gets too danged hot, so let's hope for that, shall we? Once summer hits you can't get out there and work, it faces south and our overnite lows are a whole 76 degrees.

So, blog, I think that is it for me right now. Off to have breakfast and then start that moebius scarf. I'll show you that later.

Enjoy your day!


PS- Maybe a trip out to Dairy Queen later today might be required.


Anonymous angelarae said...

The flowers are pretty. I read your post about lyso's on the knitlist, and I like what you had to say. Don't understand the pension for hating business you? Sorry you are under the weather, hope you feel better soon. Enjoyed visiting your blog.


3:25 PM  
Blogger Big Knitter & Little Knitter said...

Hello Lynda, I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago (being new at blogging). I just wanted to say I hope you are beginning to feel better and hopefully they will be able to give you some answers soon. I'm also from Tucson and just bought your sweetheart wrist warmers pattern at Kiwi, my favorite lys. It looks like a really fun pattern; I'm going to try it for my granddaughter. Feel better soon, Trish

9:53 PM  

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