Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ok, So I Knit Too Much...

Pink cereus, ready to bloom tonite.
Dear Blog-

My, that was a good whine I had yesterday evening! And yes, it did make me feel better. No, thanks for asking, I didn't have cheese with that. Though I do believe that like chocolate, cheese is one of the basic stress-food groups. Put cheese on pretty much anything and I'm happy. Make it melted cheese, and I'm yours for the asking. One of my favorite repasts will always be a good loaf of San Francisco sourdough, a wedge of brie, some nice, cool butter, Ghiradelli chocolate, and ripe strawberries. Mmm... Oh! And rose petal jam! Wha? Oh! Sorry, I went into a little food fugue state there. Anyway, most of the time I can deal with our current reality - after all, there are millions of people who have life far, far worse than we do. And I know it isn't going to last forever. It is just every now and then it gets to me. So let's just paste our great big Brownie smiles back on and move on...

Like a pair of raving lunatics, we were up at 6 this morning so that DH could rip the old radiator out of the car (rip being a relative word, it took the poor man nearly 2 hours), while I ran around doing house work, washing dishes and laundry. Then we went down to the radiator place on the other side of town and fetched the new radiator. We stopped and got one more little thingy from a parts store, and I dropped DH off at home while I went up and picked up my Mom and took her to a medical test she needed to have. Took her back home, and as I was leaving found out that DH was done with the car. So he came up to get me, and home I went. To sleep on the couch for about an hour. Take a shower. And knit. And read. A lovely afternoon after a really cruddy day yesterday.

But the one good thing yesterday is that I started one of the felted bags that I want to put on etsy. This will be a lovely herringbone pattern. At least, that is my dearest hope. Yes, I am winging it. I knit dangerously. Hmmm... maybe I should put that on a t-shirt. Anyway, this was a good project for yesterday, as I was just too discombobulated to be able to work on lace. It seemed the greater part of wisdom to let the MS3 wait til this afternoon for me to get started on Clue 3.

So I started looking around the house just now, and realized that I have far too much knitting all over the place. Ok, I know what you are thinking: Too much knitting? Impossible, Lynda! What blasphemy! I do, from time to time, jokingly yell to my husband, Honey! Your knitting stuff is starting to take over the house again! Easy-going person that he is, he really doesn't care. He just rolls his eyes at me. If Mama's happy, his life is vastly more peaceful. But look at this: sock bag next to my purse for dashing out the door...

Over by the couch, four - count them, 1, 2, 3 & 4 - knitting baskets.

In the dining room? A chair with a knitting basket sitting next to it. Wait! Isn't that ANOTHER basket just around the corner of the file drawer? Why, yes, now that you mention it, it is. Wait, no! Look closer, there are two baskets there. Hmmm... Two guesses what the drawers are full of. Still thinking?

At one end of the dining room is a table with: yarn swift and ball winder, Master Knitter binder, swatches, 2 patterns books, MS3 pattern bits, box with felted booties that I never have taken over to my Dr., a basket with (you guessed it) yarn, a knitted bunny and a knitted zebra, pattern book and yarn and needles for a class, with another pattern on top for yet another class. Below are: a bag of roving, another basket with knitting stuff and holding 4 frames that I mean to fill with lace swatches and hang on the walls, a sari silk shawl that needs repair (who knew you can't wash the stuff? And it is MANKY! They expect you to wear it like that?), a bag for 2-d needle felting, a bag for 3-d needle felting, a bin of buttons, and over in the corner? Blocking wires. Beads to add to my knitting, hanging from various drawer pulls. Ok, so perhaps a case could be made for me being just a tad bit obsessive with this whole knitting thing.

On the other hand, I don't smoke crack.

Keep on Knittin'-
Lynda, returned to a tenuous grip on sanity today. Nothing like a good nite's sleep to restore the tissues.

P.S.- Ok, you may get a laugh out of this. After all that happened yesterday, after I blogged, I went and made my tea. And was sitting on the couch, knitting, drinking tea and watching tv. Picked up my tea to take a swig, and there was a dead moth floating in it. And there must have been something in the air yesterday, because last nite the gekkos on the windowsill kept trying to kill each other. Really, they were.


Blogger Karen said...

Glad to see that things brightened up after the crud day. I think we all have our little "areas", we're just not brave enough to photograph them and show them to the public.

9:33 PM  

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