Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm Just Wild About Harry

A rare sight, yet becoming ever more common, herds of migrating knitting baskets rove the Desert Southwest landscapes. Although they move so slowly that their movement cannot be detected by the human eye, some theorize that humans are their main means of volition, and even maintain that knitting baskets have a parasitic relationship with humans - more typically with human females, though in some documented cases they have been known to attach themselves to human males as well. This theoretical parasitic relationship, it is thought, requires frequent and ever larger purchases of yarn which are then placed into their gaping maws, only to emerge as knitted and/or crocheted pieces. In a bizarre example of bonding, knitting basket herds will seem to develop a collective food preference - some preferring to consume only acrylic yarns, for example, some, like these pictured here, prefer wool, particularly Merino, and in recent times are even developing a great fondness for wool/silk blends. Attempts to feed this herd either acrylic or cotton have failed miserably. Indeed, primitive writtings, known as ball bands, seem to indicate a religious practice that centers around a Goddess figure named Merino. It is further theorized that devices known as yarn swifts and ball winders are used in their religious practice, and induce a hypnotic, trance-like state in their operators when spun quickly. When last seen, this particular herd was grazing near the couch, but they are shown here on the dining room table, where they were spotted as recently as yesterday morning. A second herd has also been observed in this area, but those particular baskets seem to be in a dormant state, not having been fed in some time due to the half-digested meals they still contain, known in the vernacular as UFOs.

Dear Blog-

This is Harry Potter Day in the Sorenson household. I think I hear DH stirring at the other end of the house, and he plans to dash out to the library first thing this morning and fetch our reserved copy of the new HP. I put the thing on reserve way back in April, I think, and was just plain lucky that we are low enough in the queue to get a copy in the first round. Once we have secured the greatly-desired tome, we are off to the movies to see the new HP flick. My birthday was this past Tuesday, Graham's is tomorrow, and so this is all part of our b-day celebrations.

A busy week this has been, with me either working each day, or waxing others on my day off, and just generally dashing about in a frantic manner. This means getting up at the proverbial butt-crack of dawn so that I can ride in with G to get the car for the day. By the time I get home an hour later, I still have a whopping 3 hours before I need to leave for work, so I spend the time doing all those household chores that one wonders why one has to do them every single blessed day of one's entire danged life. Then it is time to eat breakfast, get ready for work and go. When I get home, I have enough time to wolf down lunch and take a quick half-hour nap in a vain attempt to make up for the two hours sleep I lost in the morning. Time to go fetch DH from whatever spot he has been able to get a ride to, and home again to read on the couch for about an hour before doing something about dinner. Mind you, we have no children or pets, I only work part-time, and still I can't find time in the day to do everything I need/want to do. Nor the funds to do them with. But life goes on, and we are luckier than 9/10ths of the rest of the world.

So I have not yet prepped my chart for Clue 4 of the MS3. I am quite smugly pleased with myself that I am keeping up with the weekly clues, as I look forward both to having the finished shawl in hand, and to starting a sweater project of some sort once September rolls around. Mind you, it is still ungodly hot in September here in the desert. But the light changes and the days shorten just that little bit that allows you to have a feel of fall, something to look forward to. Here at the end of July one figures that we have made it half-way through Hell -or summer as it is known in more temperate parts of the world - and if we can just gut it out through the next two months, our reprieve will come.

Don't ask me how I got side-tracked onto the weather and my busy day (like I'm Eleanor Roosevelt), when what I really want to talk about is my MS3, all the while keeping one eye on the clock so that I can be ready to dash out the door (in theory) when DH comes back from the library. Here is my finished Clue 3...

and a detail that is trying to find the danged beads that I KNOW I put in there...

And if every knitting disaster is in truth a design opportunity waiting to happen, then my felted bag is a HUGE design opportunity. Or a very small one, depending how you look at it. I won't show it to you yet, but let's just say that at least now I know what I have to do to make the design come out the size and shape I want it to. My houndstooth design worked really well, and I have a plan to rescue it and ride out in triumph.

So I will go gussy myself up (also known as bathing) to be all set to go to the movies. Have a great day-



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The mystery shawl is looking good - lovely color!

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