Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bobbing Up For Air

Isn't he cute? A ground squirrel that DH photographed, just after he climbed out of our pond. The squirrel, not DH. Munching away on a mesquite bean in front of our front window.

Dear Blog-

Yes, I am feeling like a half-drowned rat on a rapidly sinking ship. And you can be damned sure I am grabbing my ENTIRE yarn stash before I get into the lifeboat. Will there be room for those big plastic bins with all my knitted stuff in them, I wonder?

On Tuesday afternoon my Mom was moved over to a rehab facility in order to get some more intensive PT to get her up and moving again before she gets home. She had the option of doing 7-10 days in rehab, or going straight home and getting PT in 2x a week. Because the infection and laying around in bed (had to while the infection cleared up) has taken the stuffing out of her and she could barely walk, she decided to opt for the rehab. In the past, after hip replacement and before then after a stroke, she has gone to a rehab unit right next to the hospital and had a great experience - or as near to a great experience as one can have in such a situation. This time she opted for a nursing home 2 minutes from their house (for Dad's convenience, with his whole Meniere's issue) and we are all regretting that now.

I didn't go over to visit her there either Tuesday or Wednesday, because frankly I was exhausted and slept most of the afternoon Tuesday (to give you some idea, the tow truck came and took my old car away from in front of the house while I was sound asleep on the couch, and I never heard a thing), and on Wednesday I got home from work late, and was tired enough that I thought the other drivers in Tucson really didn't need me added to the mix at rush hour. So going to visit her there yesterday afternoon was something of a shock. This place is a hell-hole and I HATE that she is in there. Other than to say that the room is clean and that she has a nice nurse and a nice tech... UGH! It's noisy, there is someone across the hall who listens to their tv at full blast all the time, a screamer down the hall, a roommate who is senile and deaf as the proverbial post and so loud (and boring as hell) that it is next to impossible to have a conversation in the room with her talking to someone else. With a noisy O2 machine that makes noises like a giant aquarium pump, complete with water sounds. The room is small enough that if they were so inclined the two of them could lie in their respective beds and hold hands across the space between them. Because the roommate prefers everything to be bright, Mom, whose eyes are sensitive to light, has to lay in bed with freaking sunglasses on so that it doesn't hurt her eyes. All this so that she can have 1/2 hour of PT a day, and one dressing change that seems to only happen if Dad or I go down to the nurse's station and ask when the heck it will be done.

If this gives you some fraction of an idea of how I feel about the place.

So my days this week have consisted of getting up in the morning and doing laundry (turns out you can wash clothes with Dawn dish liquid, in a pinch - I still haven't had time to go to the grocery store), washing dishes, straightening up the house, watering inside and out, then going in to teach or work first thing in the morning, then holding a 1-2 hour private lesson after that, rushing to pick up something for lunch for DH and I, going home, wolfing down lunch, taking DH across town to work, then coming all the way back about 15 minutes past our house to the hospital or the rehab place, staying with Mom and fighting with the staff for her care for 3 hours, taking care of what she needs cause no one does anything for her, then coming home and collapsing on the couch til it is time to leave at 10:30 to go all the way back across town to pick DH up from work. I get to bed about 12:30 and am wide awake at 6 a.m. And I am not getting any outside help from anyone when I ask for it.

Ok, I apparently needed to get that all off my chest.

In the meantime, I did get a visit from my Mom's mom, in the form of a pygmy owl perched in the mesquite in front of my front window, Sunday night. She stayed there hooting softly for about 10 minutes, looking around and preening, then flew away.

So let's talk about knitting. In the midst of all this during the past week, I have managed to get finished with Clue 6 of the Mystery Stole. I LOVE the whole concept of putting a WING! on the end of the stole. A wing! It is looking so beautiful, I think the idea is absolute genius. I know Melanie is planning a variation of the stole with wings in both directions, but I think that could get a bit precious, perhaps. But the idea of this metamorphosing into a wing - brilliant!

Stole wing at the end of Clue 6

I LOVE the texture of the feathers

So yesterday morning I was up bright and early as I seem to be doing these days, and I printed out Clue 7, the final clue. After breakfast I prepped the chart, and when I had about half an hour yesterday afternoon before taking DH to work, I knitted about 1.5 chart rows. When I finally got home last night I worked a few rows more, but not the 12 chart rows I had hoped to finish yesterday. Today will be more of the same as far as my life schedule goes, but I live in hope of having time/energy to work more on this later today. I can't wait to see this as a finished object.

Clues 1 & 2, the beginning of the stole

Clues 3 & 4, LOTS of cat's paw lace. More than I will need for some time.

So hopefully in the next few days I will have a finished and blocked shawl to show you. In the meantime I have also finished the knitting for my Shibori scarf, I'll talk about that next time. And I have cast on and done all my math for the start of my KAUNI CARDI!!!! Woo Hoo!

Until then, Knit On!



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