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Dear Blog-

If I were to tell you how much my husband loves Starbucks, I believe that you would think I was lying. He goes to Starbucks nearly every day. Right now he is working nights at a crap job that he hates with people that drive him crazy, and gets paid peanuts for his efforts. He is incredibly demoralized right now about the work situation, but it is what it is in Tucson right now. There are no jobs, and he is lucky, in a horrid way, to have this one. So he gets home from work just before 7 a.m. - which is when I normally get up in the morning - and then sleeps for a few hours. He'll wake up anywhere from 9:30 til 1, wander blearily out into the rest of the apartment and gaze around as if wondering whose strange life he has just stumbled into. Once he wakes up he grabs his book and goes to Starbucks for about an hour.

I don't think it is about the coffee, so much, though I am sure that helps. What I believe is that for some reason that I don't understand - and yet I do - this hour spent each day sitting by himself in a squashy chair in a coffee shop reading his book and drinking his plain old coffee is the restorative part of his day. The still point. What a stolen hour of knitting is for me. It is time for him spent not thinking about the work, or the lack of money, and not having health insurance and how to pay the bills.

So I never object that he goes nearly every day, by himself, to sit and drink coffee. It makes him a happier person and, short of crack and hookers, anything that makes him a happier person works for me. One year while picking up a gift card for him, I remarked to the barrista that if I didn't know my husband as well as I do, I would suspect he was having an affair with one of her co-workers with the amount of time he spends there. She thought that was very funny.

Occasionally I teach private lessons outside the shop, and Starbucks is just a very convenient place to meet. They don't care how long you sit there or what you're doing, they're just as glad to have you there taking up space. So sometime back in November, I was walking into my local (which is different that DH's local, we have five - count them, 5 - Starbucks within a mile of our apartment) when I saw these wreaths on the door - with yarn balls!

I was absolutely in awe. Love at first sight. I mean, yarn balls on wreaths! How cool a thought is that? I mentioned them to DH, and he went to his local Starbucks and asked about buying one when they took down the decorations at the end of the season. And they told him he could just have one of the wreaths when the time came. I. Was. So. Excited! I remarked to DH that the powers-that-be at corporate Starbucks, trendy folks that they are, must have noticed just how many knitters they get in their shops. I dunno if that's it, he replied. Oh, yeah, I asked? Do the wreaths have lots of tiny laptops on them?

So imagine my surprise when he came home from work at 7 on Saturday morning, with not one, but two wreaths! And a giant yarn ball on a stick thing! Sigh!

I was all ready to take down the holiday decorations but now, I don't know. I'm ready to leave these up for the year.



Blogger T said...

Extremely cool about getting the decorations - and they're quite cute!

My Mr. Wonderful is in the same boat as yours, apparently, jobwise. It's hard for me to think about putting any demands on him because he's already in hell. Just doesn't seem fair.

So glad your DH has a place to escape to - sounds like a real sanity saver.

(Oh - and two posts in one week? Welcome the hell back!)

10:54 PM  

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