Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Quite So Creepy

At Least He Has Legs Now

But he does look a bit forlorn, unable to hug his bear. I mentioned that I wanted to suit each monkey to the recipient, and so due to an unexpected change in my schedule this morning, I found that I had the time to wander over to Michaels with partial monkey in hand to look for glasses and whatever else might pop into the basket. Alas, no glasses, but I did find this cute bear and thought it was a good touch. I had also kinda hoped for a baseball cap, and no luck there, either.

My sister. How do I describe my sister? Well, anyone who knows her can tell you that she popped out of the womb gay. She's a nurse, she likes to garden. So it gives some range of ideas to play with when looking for monkey accessories. Ideally, this monkey should have round gold glasses, a baseball cap, and a t-shirt - none of which I could find. Do they not make lesbian gardening nurse dolls in Tucson that would require accessories? Boy dolls? We're pretty flexible here.

I tried a cowboy hat, thinking we could work a whole 'YMCA' theme, but would she find that as funny as I would? Look at the monkey's face. You can tell he's thinking that if he had arms he would take that damned hat off his head. This is for a woman with a stuffed animal named Gay Bear, should I name this Gay Monkey? Or is that not the same coming from a straight woman? At any rate, I know the cowboy hat doesn't quite work, and it will go back from whence it came. I have found the perfect glasses online and they are on their way. I also found a baseball cap but the shipping cost it is twice as much again as the cap itself, and while that isn't a fortune, it just rankles.

I told you those couch pillows were ugly, didn't I?


Anonymous Marianne said...

ahem, now you are worrying me!

9:22 AM  

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